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We cannot deny that tea has a great importance in many cultures.

From serious corporate meetings to warm family dinners, tea deserves to be brewed and served in the best way possible.

In today's world where time is of great importance, Karaca Tea Machine/Maker provides us with the greatest support in order to achieve savings and taste at the same time.

What is a tea machine/maker?

Electrical Tea Machine is an electronic machine that offers you the highest flavor level with the least effort. The machine is used in the tea brewing process.

After heating the water in its special reservoir, it automatically sends it to the brewing reservoir. In this way, tea is easily brewed at the ideal temperature without a human touch.

 Things to be careful about when using a tea  machine:

The water to be used in the machine should be well chosen. Calciferous and dirty water can spoil the machine, shorten its life and adversely affect the taste of

 your tea. Even if drinking water is used, calcification problems may occur after a while.

Water leakages:

Be careful not to leak water under the water tank, if you want your tea machine to have a long life.

Cleaning and maintenance:

Boil water with vinegar for a natural cleaning of your Tea Machine.

 Fill the teapot with water and add some lemon salt. As it boils, the limes that wrap it in the teapot will dissolve. If you don't have lemon salt, put a glass of vinegar in the kettle and leave overnight.

In the morning, drop some vinegar in the teapot, pour out the excess and add a tablespoon of baking soda. With the help of a sponge, spread the mixture into the teapot and rub it. Get rid of all limescale.

Tea Machine/Maker