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We like tea and we drink a lot of it. We ask "Is it freshly brewed?". "Is it strong?" we wonder. That's because drinking good tea is important. So, it is necessary to brew it correctly and serve it without waiting for too long. It is undesirable to drink tea that is forgotten in teapots, boiling forever. Karaca Çaysever is available with a revolutionary innovation in the classical tea brewing ritual! That's because this electric tea machine brews tea in a more delicious and balanced way than all the other teapots."

Karaca Çaysever Talking Tea Machine Chrome

Karaca Çaysever Talking Tea Machine Chrome brews the best tea in 15 minutes and informs you as soon as it gets the tea brewed by sound. When the tea gets stale after 40 minutes, it warns with a warning light.  

1700 W 0.8 Lt Capacity Glass Teapot 
1.5 Lt Capacity Preparing the water for baby food 
Automatically stays warm 
BPA free. 


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